Sunday, November 21, 2004

Deleuze and Immanence

While I am not altogether indifferent to the concerns raised in Nietzsche's criticism of the dominant Western modes of transcendence (Christianity and science) or to those of Deleuze regarding the failure of philosophy since Plato to allow the immanence of experience to come to its full attention instead allowing it to slip away in efforts of transcendence, the valorization of immanence seems likely to abandon the critical distance on the world through which reform is possible. The prophetic tradition cannot be given up at a time like this. And if transcendence has its world-denying or world-neglecting attributes, so too does it have the positional leverage by which a nurturing care for the world can occur. This is my initial response to a very good paper by J. Heath Atchley entitled "Confronting Secularity: Nietzsche and Deleuze."


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