Monday, November 15, 2004

News Hour Gets FOXy

What kind of panel is this: Raymond Tanter, who served on the National Security Council under the Reagan and first Bush administrations; Nancy Soderberg, from President Clinton's National Security Council staff; and Richard Perle, an assistant secretary of Defense under the Reagan administration? I mean, Richard Perle?

Hollinger International Inc. (NYSE:HLR) (“the Company”) today announced that the Special Committee of its Board of Directors (“the Special Committee”) has filed a Second Amended Complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois (“the Court”) on behalf of the Company in its lawsuit against certain directors and former directors and officers, as well as the Company’s controlling shareholder and its affiliated companies. The total amount of damages sought in this Second Amended Complaint is approximately $542 million, which includes pre-judgment interest of $117 million.


The Second Amended Complaint adds Hollinger International Director Richard N. Perle as a Defendant. The suit claims breaches of fiduciary duty by Perle related to his service as a member of the Company’s Executive Committee.

After all of his Chalabi misinformation in addition to these nefarious exploits (see Josh Marshall for details), how much more discredited could a guy be? And what is with Raymond "Iraq couldn't be more successful" Tanter? I expect better of the News Hour.


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