Friday, November 25, 2005

Positive Interpretation

The Medium Lobster at Fafblog offers some hermeneutical leverage for our situation in Iraq:
Indeed, since the war has no clear objectives, its objectives can be adjusted to have already been met at any point. A successful terrorist attack becomes a sign of weakness and desperation in the enemy; an eruption of insurgent violence becomes part of a brilliant flypaper strategy. Consider the following dire sentiment:
If America stays bogged down in Iraq, the country's deterioration into sectarian violence and partition may become inevitable, even as the sustained military commitment leads to the collapse of the U.S. armed forces as we know them.
Grim, yes. But let's take a look at this pig wearing the bright, shiny lip gloss of victory!
If America stays the course in Iraq, the country's advancement into sectarian friskiness and partition may become a success, even as the sustained military commitment leads to a transformation of the military for the twenty-first century.
Ah, that's more like it!


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