Friday, June 22, 2007

Benzin in Deutschland

Kevin Drum writes about the minimal impact of a gasoline tax, at least one that is politically feasible. A price increase of 10% would only amount to about a 1% reduction in gasoline consumption. Having just rented a car in Munich and driven around Bavaria and Austria for 12 days, I thought I'd do a little calculation from euros/liter to dollars/gallon to see how their prices compare. In Germany, they're paying $6.82 per gallon. For some reason, it's typically more like $5.98 in Austria. (I should admit that this price gets you octane 91, the lowest they sell--you can only get octane 95 otherwise.) So how about an increase of 127%? What would that do for us? I know I was happy to be driving a car with a sewing-machine for an engine.


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